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Transforming our Home, Lives & Marriage

Part Two
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“I must admit I was skeptical about hiring a Feng Shui specialist for my own home because as a professional interior designer I thought she was going to come into my home and change my designs, but that was far from what Pili did. The day arrived for our Feng Shui session, and I felt excited, overwhelmed, and scared all at the same time.”

Our 2-hour session turned into 5 hours of transformation!

Pili had asked me for our address and birthdays when we did the initial phone interview and once, she arrived she had a lot of work and charts ready for us.  I was surprised that Jesus got into the whole experience, and Pili told him that most men only stick around for 1 hour. 

We began the conversation learning our charts, telling her how we met, the transformation our home went through during and after Covid. We spoke about work, career goals, and got more intimate as we spoke about our 29-year marriage, the struggles we have been through and the Breast Cancer journey. 

We learned which way our home faces, what areas are for love, fortune, family, and health. We also walked through each space, and she gave us great tips on placement, color, energy, health and so much more. There were four major areas that we focused on: the foyer, the kitchen, the master bedroom, and my home office. 

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 The Foyer

The main entry or foyer is how energy enters your home, so it’s important to make sure it is clear of clutter, as well as inviting and welcoming. 

Our front door is in a straight line path to the back door out to the terrace which is the worst layout from a Feng Shui perspective.  

Some solutions were (1) add an area rug on the foyer, so the energy has somewhere to stop when it comes in. 

(2) Pili also suggested to add greenery as this is a great way to brighten and uplift this area.

The Kitchen

We had just completed the remodel of our kitchen when Pili came for our session, so I was curious to see what she would suggest. 

Surprisingly, she gave us some simple tips: 

  1. Remove the knives on the butcher’s block from the counter. 
      • The Kitchen is a main area of the home, essentially the hub of the home and an area of abundance, so the last thing you want is something that’s going to cut that abundant energy off.  The knives have stayed out of sight in our kitchen! 

2. Our sink (water) and stovetop (fire) are facing each other and that generates negative chi energy so because we cannot just move electrical and appliances and it’s important to balance these appliances for positive feng shui she gave us some tips.

      • Add potted herbs to bring in earth elements
      • Add artwork that has earthtones somewhere in the kitchen
      • Add wood elements like cutting boards & earth tone colors in the dish towels 

The Master Bedroom

 Our bedrooms are meant to be our havens…our safe space where we can go to relax, rest, and recuperate after a long day. 

In our bedroom she:

      • loved that our bed was in the command position facing the door but was not aligned with it. This allows us to “see” what is coming through the door, without being vulnerable to the any of the forces entering. 
      • suggested that we add ceiling to floor drapery behind the bed because it is in front of a window, this way negative energies will not come in over our heads. 
      • told us to add photos of us together on each nightstand and finally
      • wanted us to include red in the room. I normally do not like red in my home, yet we found a fun way to do our own artwork and also added candles

“I love that mi amor lights a candle in our room and sprays lavender on our pillows so we can relax after a long day.” Jesus told Pili

 My Home Office

 Jesus and I are focused on growing our business, expanding into online shops and adding a new department, so our home office is super important.

      • We needed to change the direction of everything to face North/East so that money flowed easier into my bank account!! 
      • We also got more organized and took the opportunity to throw away old samples, reorganize bins and files and do some touch up painting. 

Our Takeaways…

It has now been almost 2 years, and this is what we have noticed that Fengshui did for us:

      • Everyone that comes to our home says that it feels peaceful, harmonious, and cozy.
      • My office always feels energizing and I am more productive facing the East, because I face the door and my beautiful backyard.
      • Our bedroom is a relaxing, romantic space where I feel safe and protected. We have also had greater conversations and made so many plans about our future goals, dreams and so much more in this space than before.

Bringing Feng Shui into our home has brought an added sense of peace and balance that we didn’t realize could be achieved by simply being mindful of how the energy in our home works, and taking steps to bring it into alignment with our desires. 

We love the changes it’s brought and can’t recommend it enough.