Feng Shui Your Life

Feng Shui Your Life

Part One


There is a misconception that all interior designers should know about Feng Shui yet, like I always say about many things in life…  “zapatero a tus zapatos” or “shoemaker, to your shoes.”

As a designer, I put together specialists depending on the project needs and I always turn to Maria Del Pilar, or Pili because she is a Feng Shui Practitioner who has been guiding people through the process of redesigning their lives with Feng Shui for the past 27 years.

You all know by my previous blog posts, I have been on a journey to redesign my home, office, body, and life since 2020 so hiring Pili to help my family and I bring Feng Shui into our lives, help heal my body after Breast Cancer and recharge my marriage was a no-brainer.

Today, I am stepping away from writing and letting Pili take charge so we can all keep learning the importance of healing our bodies, spaces and relationships through Feng Shui.

“I am so excited to be a part of this new journey that Maria Elena is working towards to open her heart, life, and home so she can inspire one woman at a time.”

What is Feng Shui and how does it help your whole life?

Feng Shui can be a life changing practice and I say this as someone who has walked the walk and implemented the practice herself.  I was my own first client and attracted my husband through it.

Step One:

Feng Shui is the energy field that you feel in any given space.  Our physical body is covered by skin and has an energy field.  Have you ever walked into a space, indoor or outdoor and you immediately feel different?  Every space affects you positively or negatively. Knowing and understanding your element allows you to create a space that works with that element, not against it.


There are 3 energy centers that I will always check during a session no matter what the issues may be:

  1. The front door facing position: it’s favorable to have the front door facing one of your 4 positive directions as that is where the chi or positive energy enters your home.
  2. The position of the headboard: along with it facing a positive direction, your headboard should have a clear view of the room’s front door so you see what’s coming.
  3. The direction the stove door opens in their kitchen: In the kitchen, your stove or oven should also open to a positive direction as this brings abundant energy.

If it is architecturally impossible for these centers to be in one of their positive directions, do not worry, there is always a way to correct that.

The literal meaning of Feng Shui is “the way of wind and water.”

Step Two:

Floridians will be the first to tell you that when wind and water are not in harmony, it creates a hurricane and it’s disastrous. Now think about our bodies. Most of our body consists of water, and it is essential to keep ourselves hydrated so it works properly


Likewise, air is non-negotiable to our existence…it is the very breath of life and one of the reasons that meditation and breathwork is so great for your body and mind. When those elements are not in balance it causes chaos or lack of peace, harmony, and balance.

Step Three:

Another important step to know in a Feng Shui session is to find which element is dominant and what directions are favorable in a person’s chart by looking at their birth information.

Every person has 4 positive and 4 negative directions and when we are connected positively to one of our 4 positive directions, we thrive!  For example, I’m from the east group so my positions are North, South, East & Southeast. As such, my bed’s headboard can be positioned in one of those directions to ensure a positive flow of energy.  Get clear on which element and direction are favorable to thrive in life.

mujer meditando
Step Four:

We will then discuss what they are looking for to change, enhance and/or thrive in. Sometimes clients do not know, or they think it is one area of life but as we get more comfortable with each other, and they open up they realize it’s never just one thing. Do some journaling, visualization and/or meditation to get clear on what you want to bring into your life.


For example, chances are high that when a person’s finances are struggling, their relationships are going to struggle, or their health will suffer because they are not in a heightened good mood. One thing flows into the other because they’re all interconnected.

There are 9 Life Areas that we focus on in Feng Shui, as shown on the grid or Bagua Map: The middle is always your Center…

Step Five:

It is very important in Feng Shui to have what I call a Three Way Connection, in other words “coherence”.  For instance, you cannot say, I want my marriage to be loving, romantic and passionate and then you walk into your bedroom and it does not reflect that desire.  What you think, the words you speak, and your actions should all follow with the same idea, desire, and intention.


These 9 areas mentioned are a basic road map to our life journey. The Bagua map is a powerful tool for bringing this awareness to the forefront and empowering you to make positive changes in your life.

By understanding the energy centers of your home and how they correspond to different areas of your life, you can gain insight into your own strengths and challenges.

Our homes are constantly showing us where we can make improvements in our life or giving us ah-ha moments.

When any given area/aspect of life is not thriving, it can disrupt one or all areas of our lives. Our home’s energy/Chi can become stagnant, and the living spaces will demonstrate it when items start breaking down.  There are also circumstances when our home is functioning well yet one of our life areas are not.

When I worked with Maria Elena and Jesus on their session, we made it a priority to focus on her health first, as she was just coming out of her illness, and it was important to ensure the health center was in balance. Then as they both opened up we talked about how the strain of going through Breast Cancer during a Global Pandemic and the death of Jesus’ mother from Covid all in the same year, also put a big strain on their marriage. Once we addressed the marriage center we finally talked about Marias’ career center and her new home office.

Now close to 2 years later, I am so excited to follow-up with Maria Elena and Jesus, so join us on the next blog post so you and I can find out how they used all the suggestions I made and what they learned from our Feng Shui session to heal their bodies and home, ignite their marriage, build two growing businesses, and how they have felt in their new refreshed spaces.

See you soon!



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