Your Home Your Sanctuary

Your Home Your Sanctuary

Creating spaces in your home for Self-Care


When I design my home and for clients, I imagine what we, our families, friends and guests will feel like in each space, then I nourish that with whatever elements are chosen, designed and built for that space.

Each area in your home needs to have some element that nourishes your mind, body, heart, and spirit. Be intentional on how to create a practice of supporting, soothing, and improving yourself.

Your home must be the place where you feel the safest, let go of everything from the outside world, and the one place where you can let your guard down.  

“Self Care is how you take your Power back” Lalah Delia

Now let’s begin by picturing yourself walking around your home and creating different areas inside and outside that will nourish you. Sit in a quiet space, close your eyes and visualize opening your front door. Your foyer, as a matter of fact, your entire home should be rid of chaos, 


Chaos and clutter around the home will leave you feeling stressed and exhausted. A calm home will help you recharge and be ready for everything life brings your way. It will take time to transform each area but if you start small it will not feel overwhelming. The environment you are in will impact how you feel.


  • Go through each space and get rid of anything that you do not love or use. 
  • Go around every room again clearing out any leftover clutter and place these items in boxes that will be organized later.
  • Buy storage containers and organize the leftover items above room by room. 
  • Keep all your flat surfaces clean and clear of stuff.
  • Simplify your wall space by limiting what hangs so your home feels more open.
  • Go ahead and do a thorough cleaning of windows, floors, and every corner of the home.
  • Paint your home one unified color. 
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 Begin at your front porch or foyer. As soon as you open the front door you should start to feel in the frame of mind of peace, relaxation and release. Add a candle and foliage or flowers on the entry table so you can smell them as soon as you arrive home.

Our home is quaint and cozy at 1500 sqft yet we have been able to create spaces where we can nourish our mind by adding several areas with comfortable seating where we cuddle up with a good book, un Cafecito and wake up before anyone else to just have 10 minutes of quiet time. Get comfortable in your living room, sitting area or outdoor and meditate, read and/or burn some incense and do breathing exercises.

Continue adding spaces throughout your home that nourish your mind by adding a desk so you can take up a new hobby, study a new language or delve into a puzzle that challenges you.

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Step One: Home Gym

Getting your body moving is the best way to nourish it. I believe that no matter how small your home is, there is always room for a couple of essentials ( a mat to stretch and do yoga, kettlebells, free weights, stretch bands, a balance ball and/or a bench) and you can do a combination of a few of these equipment . All of these can be put into a closet, hung on your outdoor wall or placed under a bed. 

Working out at home can be just as effective as going to the gym as long as you provide a dedicated space, be strict on your workout time, and be flexible with your mindset.

Step Two: The Kitchen

Not every kitchen is a Pinterest or Instagram picture perfect space with beautifully labeled bins, large pantries full of lined cans and matching pots and pans. That does not matter, what does matter is that you view your kitchen as the perfect place to nourish the only body that you are going to have for your entire life.

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live ”

Jim Rohn

Begin by emptying your pantry or cupboards and removing all foods high in sugar and salt which is the #1 cause of inflammation.

Try to do all your shopping online and local farm markets so you choose the best options. We use Instacart from Publix, Amazon and a couple of local farm markets.  

Make prepping and cooking fun by blasting some music, getting your kids or significant other involved and enjoy the moment. If you are alone, take this time to get away from it all with the music, a cup of wine and your thoughts.  Make those 30-45 minutes a source of relaxation, family gathering and therapy instead of a dreadful task.

Step Three:

 It is easier than you think to create a home spa feel in your bathroom. Take a peak at my monthly routine:

  • I light candles 3-4 times per month to make my bath time just a little special.
  • I turn on some music most of the time that I get into the shower.
  • Twice a month I add a face mask routine to my bath time and stay in there an extra 15 minutes.
  • I use Himalayan Sea salt on my feet and elbows once a week for an extra pick me up.
  • Two or Three times per month I turn up the steam and sit in my bathroom for an extra 5-10 minutes doing breathing exercises.
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We have all heard that the kitchen is the “heart” of the home but I believe that by creating different spaces that you can nourish your heart then you, your family and friends do not have to always be around the kitchen.

Tips to nourish your Heart in different areas of your home:

Living / Family Rooms 

  • Design this space for multiple activities. I said above that I use a corner of my living room to have alone time before anyone else wakes up. I pray and drink my tea to begin each day with my own positive thoughts. 
  • I also have a cabinet with blankets and pillows for movie date nights with my hubby or family movie nights.
  • You can also use these spaces for game nights with family & friends to bring joy and laughter to your life which we all know, the more we laugh the happier we are.

Dining – Indoor or Outdoor

  • Gathering with your family every night to have dinner is a tradition that most households have gone away with yet I am here to tell you from personal experience it is one of the most special times of our day. The older our kids got and everyone was going all different directions, little by little we stopped sitting down for dinner.  It took a Pandemic and Breast Cancer to bring us back to the table. It is these moments that we share prayer together, talk about our goals, and share solutions together of anything going on in life.


  • The bedroom is your most sacred space, a space where you can take refuge, rest, be intimate with your partner and with your thoughts. Keep it light, uncluttered, and cozy by adding candles, a light coat of paint and minimal furniture and artwork.
  • NO TVs in the bedrooms is something that I learned years ago from a couple that had been married over 50 years back then.  There are already so many distractions in the outside world, why bring into your most sacred space another one.
  • Use your room to read, journal your most precious thoughts, listen to music, have intimate conversations with your spouse 
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The Great Outdoors

Before you begin each monthly calendar, as you make appointments for your work responsibilities, doctor appointments, kids sports games and all your “have tos”, go ahead and add 3-4 times a month where you make a date with the outdoors. You will be surprised how much you can do in your backyard, balcony or front porch.

  • Grab a book or magazine, sit on a comfy chair in your backyard and just breathe.
  • Hang a hammock outside, lay and watch the stars.
  • Take your shoes off and walk on the grass for 5-10 minutes just feeling the earth.
  • Build your own garden no matter how large or small ( you can even grab a small table, some pots and grow your own on your balcony)


Is the #1 thing that you can do for yourself that will nourish, heal, and revive your body and Spirit!

  • Invest in a mattress that supports your back and body.
  • Invest in sheets,blankets or comforters that feel soft and cool to the skin.
  • Remove all electronics from the bedroom.
  • Add an essential oil spray on the bottom of your pillow.
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Being and feeling grateful is one of the many positive emotions that we can have in life. 

Close your eyes and begin saying thank you for everything you have, no matter how small it is. Thank you for my home, your bicycle, the food that you are eating, etc… Do not focus on what kind of home or that you do not have a car or that you are eating just to survive. 

Gratitude is pausing and taking notice of every little thing that we “Do Have” and appreciating the things that we often take for granted. 

Keep your eyes closed and visualize yourself walking into your home again but this time with your new tips on how to nourish your mind, body, heart, and spirit for you and your family.