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What Choices do I have?

5 Steps to Re-Design Your NEW Life


While sitting in a café in Cali, Colombia yesterday, my husband reminded me of a split-second choice
I made 28 years ago that changed our lives forever.

I met Jesus on Christmas Eve 1994 at a party that my brother dragged me to.  He passed by the party for 10 minutes to pick up a friend, stood by the door and then the uncle yelled over to Jesus, “Bailas salsa”, he answered, “Si, porque?”. He guided him to dance with me.

We danced to 2 songs, and he was gone again yet within minutes, he was at the door again with a napkin that said one word, Tequendama, apparently a hot salsa club that I had never heard of, and he asked me to please go.

Three hours later my brother and I left the party, I dropped him off and headed to the club to meet a man that I did not know.

It was practically  “Love at first sight.” 

A little over three months later, Jesus asked me to marry him, which I said no to. Then he asked again, and we were married eleven months from the day we met on November 11, 1995.



Designing & Creating my life was something that I did a lot when I was young. Some say I even designed the husband I wanted with a list I had written years before I met him.  Unfortunately, as years pass we all let insecurities, disappointments, a layoff, an illness, a pandemic, and so much more lead our lives.

Then 2020 arrived, we had raised 3 kids, moved several times, were beginning to remodel our home, had big plans for our 25th Wedding Anniversary trip and finally bringing my parents-in-law to visit from Colombia. None of that happened.

From March 17th, 2020 until November of 2021 my family and I went through my breast cancer diagnosis, chemo, radiation, several surgeries, a raging pandemic, my mothers-in-law passing from Covid, a chaotic home remodel and then on November 2021 the company I worked for,  closed their Miami store and laid everyone off.


My body, our home, our relationships, my career and our lives were torn down. I could either stay down or… Design and Transform EVERYTHING!!

Forked roads in green forest

As an Interior Designer I am trained to start from a blank canvas, clean out spaces, visualize the end-result, create plans, put together teams that  build our creations. So that is what I did.

How often do we get to redesign our whole lives? ALWAYS

If you aren’t living the life you want, you have the power to Redesign your body, home, relationships and life exactly how you want it… NOW!!!

STEP 1: Start with your mind, then follow with the Body & Spirit  

We take for granted what we can accomplish when we have the right mindset.

Visualize the end-result by envision yourself as if you already accomplished it. Write all your wishes down, paste photos of your dreams on a mirror, record your voice telling yourself that you ARE what you want to become.  How can you reach an end goal when you can’t see what that end goal is?

Move your body whether it’s walking, dancing, yoga or cycling, find what you like and MOVE. Stop eating foods that give you inflammation and start nourishing your body and allow it to work at its best, also be sure to drink lots of water.


Pray, Meditate, BE in tune with your enlightened self. Find a place in your home that you can recharge. Being in silence is just as healthy as working out..

STEP 2: Rebuilding Relationships

Begin by looking at yourself in the mirror and dig deep on what kind of person you want to be in the world. Once you take note, start being that person. Meet or call people and ask for forgiveness if you have wronged them.

Build trust with everyone that you want in your life by doing what you say and saying what you do.

Become a person of honor, love, trust and know that its okay for you and others to make mistakes and be forgiven. Most importantly, remove toxic people from your life!

STEP 3: Organize, Design & Remodel your Spaces

Start with your kitchen because it is one of the most important rooms in your home, it not only holds food to fuel your body, but most kitchens are the hub for family talks.

Our must haves were lots of drawer organizers; open counterspace so we have no clutter, easy to clean surfaces to minimize food contamination and an open concept so family and friends can be together.

Next is your bedroom, the second most important rooms in your home. It should be a safe haven. The #1 rule is to invest in a great mattress, it helps you have better posture, a better mood and better overall health. We love the ones from Kingsdown (

Also invest in quality furniture pieces like Bernhardt (


As Admiral Willaim McRaven says…

“If you want to change the world start off by making your bed.”

If you make your bed every morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day and begin with a sense of accomplishment.

Every space, closet and drawer in your home should be decluttered, repainted, organized with simple storage and organizers. We went to Container Store, Target and Amazon for everything; Have at least 2 forms of lighting in each room, we love @lampsplus. Invest in comfortable seating with less than 3 pillows for comfort, ergonomic chairs for your home office then accessorize but do not overdo these.

Finally, your outdoor space benefits you in many ways; it relieves stress and sickness. Whether it’s off a balcony breathing fresh air, your backyard gazebo or spending quiet time in a garden or the mountains, being outdoors heals the body and we all know we need our Vitamin D!

Remember that less is more and that a chaotic home leads to a chaotic life.

STEP 4: YOUR VILLAGE Once your mind, body and home is transformed gather your village. Your village isn’t just anyone…it should be filled with the positive people in your life.  

  • Surround yourself with friends and family that want the best for you.
  • Build your health & medical teams.
    • The 1st Team is made up of the people who will cure you; Primary Care Physician, Eye doctor, Cardiologist, Ob/Gyn, etc.
    • The 2nd Team will prevent you from getting sick; an Acupuncturist, Massage therapist, Mental Health Therapist, Nutritionist.
    • The 3rd team helps you keep your home clean, organized & remodeled; a Cleaning crew, an Organizer, an Interior Designer, a handyman, all types of contractors, etc.


Give thanks for the life you are given, the people that you are blessed to know, the ones that heal you, help you, clean for you and all the wonderful experiences you have daily.


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